All of our staff here at HCVH are committed to offering the highest level of service to you and your animals.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the people in this area.  We enjoy living in the same communities with our clients and getting to know you not only as customers, but also as friends.

Clint Irwin, DVM

Scot Martin, DVM

Staff Small: Clint

Staff Small: Scot

Kris Keeth, DVM

Whitney Jackson, DVM

Staff Small: Kris

Small Staff:  Whit

Brock Irwin, DVM

Tammie Osbourne

Small Staff Brock
Staff Small: Tammie

Eduardo Flores

Manuel Flores

Gallery: EduardoStaff Small: Manuel
Kimberly Heddins

Kyla Ortiz

Small Staff: Kim
Kyla - small staff

Natasha Silva

Kacy Swenhaugen

Small Staff: Natasha


Stephnie Bowling