Small Animal Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services We are able to perform complete blood counts (evaluates types and numbers of blood cells to look for infection, anemia, etc) and chemical profiles (evaluates electrolytes, glucose, liver and kidney function, etc) in our own facility.  We are also able to test for parvovirus in puppies, Feline Immunodeficiency virus and Feline Leukemia virus in cats, thyroid levels, progesterone levels, and fecal parasite evaluation.  Results are available in a matter of minutes.  For most other tests we may recommend, samples are sent to an outside lab, and results are available within a few days.

Some examples of tests we may recommend are:

  • Cultures
  • Biopsy – to see what a mass we removed is
  • Cytology - slides of fluid or material we aspirate and place onto a slide for evaluation
  • Phenobarbital levels
  • Endocrine testing
  • Allergy testing
  • Fructosamine – to check control of diabetes over several weeks